"The Boomer generation isn’t just big — it’s made up of people who think and act differently than previous generations. As Boomers confront “old age,” they will certainly defy what we think it means to “get old.” It will challenge us to rethink how we use the web and how we engage older people with newer technologies."

Jamie Carracher at Mashable uses our data in his post exploring how Baby Boomers are using the internet and technology.

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Boomer Generation Shapes the Future of Technology

Video: AARP/The Atlantic Technology Symposium

AARP recently sponsored a forum with The Atlantic on the future of technology—and how it will shape and be shaped by the Boomer generation.

People are not substituting technology for ‘real’ life, says Lee Rainie, Director of the Pew Internet and American Life Project. If you’re social and successful in the analog world, that can carry over to the digital realm, and vice versa.

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